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Emergency Alert / Discount Card for Carers in Croydon.

What is the carers emergency alert / discount card?

It is a laminated card (credit card size) which will help identify you as a carer.

Why has the scheme been developed?

There are two uses for the card.

1. Carers were concerned about what would happen to the person they cared for, if they were left unattended at home and the carer had an accident.

2. To help reduce any financial strain, particularly for full time carers, to receive discount on certain items.

Who can register for and use the card?

Anyone who is a carer in Croydon, whether they receive carers allowance or not, or may still be working. The card cannot be used by care workers or assistants.

You do not need to have a Lifeline or Careline emergency system to be able to join this scheme.

How does the alert scheme work?

You can register with the scheme by filling in an enrolment form. This gives us information about you and the person you care for, a next of kin, and an emergency contact.

We will then issue you a laminated card with a registration number and a phone number for the centre.

The emergency contact needs to be someone practically available, maybe a neighbour, a friend or relative.

In the event of an incident occurring to you, the centre number is called by a member of the emergency services.

A member of staff will put into action a set of procedures which you have already agreed upon with those whose details you have provided on the form.

The scheme is confidential. Your card will not have any personal details on it.

The identities of you and the person you are caring for are protected. The only way of identifying you is the reference number on the card.

How do I use the discount card?

This card can be used in all shops showing the windows sticker. These are on the list provided. Present the card at the shop along with a photo ID such as a driving licence or freedom pass. If you do not have a photo ID one can be issued by the office.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

It provides peace of mind. If you are out the Croydon Carers Centre will ask one of your contacts to ensure that the emergency plans you have agreed are put in to action.

The card will also enable you to receive discount on items from local businesses and shops who have agreed to participate in the discount scheme.

Does the scheme work?

Yes. The emergency alert discount card is an innovation that has been running in other areas where carers have found it to be very useful.

It is simple and easy to use and has been successful in making sure that help is available quickly when it is needed.


Businesses and Areas Participating

We have sought the co-operation of over 100 businesses into the scheme.

The types of businesses participating vary between local high street and independent stores, to major chains and include pharmacies, solicitors, will writers, hair and beauty, hotels, cycle stores, stationers, jewelers, opticians, barbers, therapists and many others.

Deals which have been agreed with supporters of the scheme vary from 5% – 20% on goods and services purchased from them.

There are certain deals which are specific and would need to be discussed with management at time of purchase.

It’s free to join!

If you would like to apply for the Emergency Alert/Discount Card go here. You can send it us by post or drop it off at our office.

If you have any problems please call Croydon Carers 0208 688 7219.

We will provide assistance.

Data Protection

All data is kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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